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Bingin Beach

The Hidden Gem

The Activies

The Neighbourhood 

Bingin is located in the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, it is a little paradise tucked far away from tourists and crazy traffic due to the stairway all of us have to take in order to get to the beach.


Bingin was originally a surfers’ beach, however recently more and more travellers have been exploring this little gem. Bingin is a beach packed with activities that are closely linked with nature such as fishing, surfing, and yoga. It is the perfect beach for a relaxed and laid-back holiday. Lying on the deck reading a book, sunbathing on the white sand or going for sunset walks and drinking beer with like-minded friends 

While you are visiting Bingin there are some activities you might consider trying. 

Learning to surf is a great way to get your heart pumping, we offer lessons for beginners to advanced surfers who are looking for a surf guide. 

Plenty of places on top of the cliff offer daily yoga classes and gyms where you can train.  

Living down on the beach makes you feel truly excluded from the chaos of life, the cliff is like a blissful wall that keeps the reality of the outside world away but to access this little piece of paradise you must walk up & down the stairs. Fear not if you aren't a big fan of walking stairs there are warungs, cafes and beach BBQs on the beach that offer fresh and delicious foods. We also have a small kitchenette where you can prepare simple meals and be self-efficient. 

Prior to your arrival, we will email you our digital guest book which will have all the info on where to eat, drink and do activities.


Want to learn something new or do what you love while staying in the area. All equipment are provided for so you can enjoy 4 hours of excitement on the indian ocean. 

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